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Decor Led Light Painting USB Plug Dimming Artwork - Luminous Photo

Decor Led Light Painting USB Plug Dimming Artwork - Luminous Photo

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Light Source: LED 


Dimmable: Yes

Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch

Wattage: 0-5W

About this product

  • [Lighting painting decoration] modern and simple design, feel the art of light and shadow, minimalist animation line style, with light and shadow design, multi-layer color layers to form a dreamy soft light, each layer has a single outline. Set the scene indoors, full of fashion and trendy home decor!
  • [Comfortable Imagination] The artist's incredible work was designed by sandblasting images onto tempered glass. This unique piece features multiple layers of real-time imagery, LED lights and grids, all carefully combined to create a mesmerizing presentation.
  • [High quality material] USB power supply, tricolor light source, environmentally friendly solid wood frame, acrylic surface. Lighting painting is suitable for scene decoration: Living room, bedroom, wall decoration, desk, dining table, front hallway.
  • [Wide range of uses] This LED night lamp photo frame is not only a decorative photo frame, but also a night lamp, a mood lamp, a gift or a souvenir. It is very flexible and applies to all types of situations. You can place it on your bedroom wall, use it as a wedding decoration and then give it to your loved ones to make your home full of warmth.
  • [Bold Creativity] This bright LED photo frame offers infinite imagination, no matter where you are, you can use it to add color and imagination.

Creative LED light painting
--Have you ever wanted a painting that not only brings you visual beauty, but also creates different atmospheres and moods through changes in light? Now the LED Painting Lamp makes this wish come true for you!

Specification Name: Painting Lamp
Lamp Size: 23x17CM
Voltage: 5V
Power: 0-5W
Material: Wood + Acrylic

Lamp Source: LED 3 colours light (Cool light / Natural light / Warm light)
Switch Type: USB PLUG + Dimmable button

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